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My husband suffered a massive heart attack in April 2018. After his hospital stay, he was admitted to Oak Pointe. At the time of his admittance he could neither stand or walk. He improved greatly in the rehab program. The staff and administration were very attentive and involved in his progress.

Oak Pointe is a great place to recover. It is beautifully decorated, quiet and clean. I can highly recommend it.


When I was to be released from Union, my case worker gave me a list of rehabs my insurance approved. When I saw Oakpointe, I stopped looking.
My great experience there began 5 minutes in the door. I was discharged right before supper, and it was a cold, snowy, windy night. I was hungry and wondering what I would do for supper. As my husband wheeled me towards the nurses' station, I was greeted kindly & asked if I'd eaten. So my first experience there was supper in a brightly lit pleasant dining room.
Supper was good! All my meals were good-food there was exceptional. Fish isn't my cup of tea so the days it was served they made me my favorite grilled cheese. It was nice having a menu & knowing ahead what we'd eat ahead of time.
All the staff was kind & respectful.
My roomie & I had a wonderful time together. We had common physical problems, we had lots in common otherwise-we exchanged contact info, and we plan to stay in touch. I'm so glad I made those friends.
The therapy ladies were cheery and made that experience fun. I had goals of standing and being able to walk. They worked with me to achieve that.
The entire experience at Oakpointe was a happy one, I'm so glad I chose it. Since getting home, I talk with people about getting better. I will continue to talk about how pleased I am with Oakpointe. I had a special time, and I wanted to tell you so.
Thanks for accepting me and for a great healing experience.